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Never say never . . .

However, ten years have passed since our first All-Class Reunion. We started what one fellow bulldog called “a movement”! We
have had 3 additional reunions since 2006 with over 300 people in attendance at each one, kind of “unheard of” but OLH is a
special place. What a tribute to our school and parish! Little did we realize back in 2006 that 2016 would be the 100 year anniver-
sary of the parish. So here we are preparing for a very special celebration of the birth of the parish and at the same time we will be
celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the first All-Class Reunion of 2006! Since 2006, we have raised thousands of dollars for the
parish and school through fundraising events and the generosity of the alumni at OLH.
In the last year alone we have given the school the following:
$1,000.00 - Alumni Room floor repair

    350.00 - school door repairs
    250.00 - Alumni Association Scholarship

              (2015 recipient, Elena Macias, Saint
              Joseph High School)
  1,350.00 - kindergarten reading kits
    500.00 - monetary donation to the school
The logo mat pictured at right was purchased by the
Alumni Association and a very generous alumna, and is placed near the entrance to the gym.
We also raised approximately $6,000 for the parish which went toward repair costs of the parish tower in late 2014.
Due to the time and resources involved in planning a reunion, we (several local alums) have decided to take on more manage-
able events that will continue to bring the OLH past and present communities together, including a “gala” event tentatively being
planned for October or early November in honor of the 100 Year Anniversary of Our Lady of Hungary Parish.
Please make every effort to attend Reunion 2016 in August, as this might be the last time we see our classmates!
Reunion Registration Ticket is available on the back of this sheet, or order online at:
Check website often for frequent reunion news and updates.

Memorabilia . . .
We are in the process of gathering memorabilia, such as prayer books, pictures, old bulletins, report cards, etc. Also we are seek-
ing mementos, such as holy cards, communion and confirmation related items which will be placed in a display case. We will also
have a memory wall and a centennial pictorial history exhibit. We actually have original documents referencing the sale of the
land where the church initially stood from the Studebaker Corporation as well as a hand-written letter from our pastor at the time
also referencing the sale!
                                                   Contact info:

So if you have anything that you are willing to    •	 Rosemary Barnes: (Memorabilia)
donate as part of the exhibit and display, please  •	 Heather Mezosi: (Memorabilia)

let us know!                                       •	 Tassie Vlahantonis Jaques:, (Memorabilia and/or Reunion)

                                                   1143 Sunnymede Avenue. South Bend. IN 46615
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